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Responsive Website Services in Bangalore, India

What is a responsive website?

Do you use more than one device to surf the internet? Obviously, everyone uses multiple devices, from smartphones to laptops to desktops, to use the internet. You might have noticed that some sites appear slightly different in smartphones than they do on the PC. Do you ever think about why it happens?

This happens because these websites are responsive. A responsive website is one that adjusts its layout, content, and services according to variable screen sizes and the proximity of use. In simple terms, a website is responsive when it can look good on any screen.

Responsive Web Designing or RWD is an approach to design websites in such a way that they look and perform well on the screen of any device. RWD is an example of User Interface fluidity as it gives users the option to view any website in the device he is most comfortable with. If you have a website of your own or that of your company, you should make sure that it is responsive to ensure the full benefits of the internet.

Service providers in Bangalore

Responsive website designing services in Bangalore are contributing to making websites that perform well on all devices with a single set of URLs for all devices. There are many companies that provide their services in RWD. 

Responsive website development is more complex than designing websites for only one device. Responsive websites use CSS and HTML to resize, reshape, and rearrange the contents of websites from one decision to another. They also use a different type of templates, designs, and source code from non-responsive websites. Responsive websites are more popular and are more preferred by search engines.

The cost of responsive websites in Bangalore is quite reasonable for the services they provide. For basic or personal websites, the cost can be from INR 5000 for simple ones to INR 20,000 and above for websites with more premium options. Commercial websites can range anything from INR 25,000 to 70,000 and above.

Some of the prominent companies in this field are :

  • Marques Tech - Marques Tech is one of the most popular companies in Bangalore due to reasonable prices and quality. The firm is also a leading one in Mobile app development.
  • Vistas Ad Media Communications - Vistas Ad Media Communications provides complete services for device-independent responsive websites. They cover all aspects from Mobile apps to web designing and development services.
  • Origami Creative - Origami has an experience of 19 years in Bangalore as well as the Middle East in developing websites. They provide services for overall website development.
  • Nexevo Technologies - Nevexo Technologies is a state of the art company when it comes to responsive website designing. They offer a lot of services for multipurpose website designing.
  • WebsmartIndia - This firm specializes in designing commercial websites for seamless performance in all types of devices. 

There are numerous trusted responsive website developers in Bangalore that can be sought out to get a responsive website for your firm.