Website Designing

Website Designing

Web Design plays an important role in website production and in the maintenance of it and the people, doing it requires special skills and disciplines to perform this task. The website designing process includes various things like web graphic design, including proprietary software and standardized code, search engine optimization, interface design, user experience design, and authoring of the website. There are some people who perform this task in teams, handling different segments of the website, it is designing, and some people handle all the tasks alone.

When we hear the term web design then we directly think of designing the website that means designing the front-end of the website using different things and even writing markups, which will improve the outlook of the website. The web design covers partially the concepts of web engineering and web development in a broader way. The person performing the task of web designing should be clear with the usability of the website and if he is using the markup to design the website then they need to update themselves with the accessibility things and the things that are new in the market.

Tools and Techniques

There are various tools and techniques used by the web designers and are directly dependent on the segment, they are working. The tools and techniques used by the designers and developers keep on updating with the time and demand of the website but the standards and software changes and not the concept behind the tool because it would affect the performance and meaning of the tool. For the task of formatting the images or to design the prototypes, the graphics editors used by the web designers are two, raster and vector.

The designing of the website requires various technologies but the basic technologies, which help in designing its front-end, are HTML and CSS, the W3C standards. These technologies can be written by an individual or by using the editing software named as WYSIWYG. There are many other web designing tools and those tools are validators, which helps in writing markup and some of the testing tools which helps in knowing the usability and accessibility of the website. The testing tools are important so that they can calculate how accessible a website is based on the accessibility guidelines.

Skills and Techniques

There are various skills that are required by the web designers, they use different techniques to achieve their goal, and that goal is to design a website that will fulfill the requirement of the business and will attract people towards it. Some of those skills and techniques are:

  1. Marketing and Communication Design: Using this technique the designer makes the website capable of doing communication with the people so that their queries and needs can be fulfilled.
  2. User experience design and interactive design: It is important that the user should understand the design of the website then only the content written on the website will be understood by the person and they can access it.