Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing Services in Bangalore, India

Search Engine Marketing is like a paid promotion of the websites to increase their visibility and ranking in the search engine result pages. It is a form of internet marketing through paid advertising. SEM includes SEO which adjusts and modifies the page content along with the site architecture, aiding the site to achieve a higher rank in the SERP (search engine result pages) along with enhancing pay per click.

Pay per click is basically a model of internet advertising where the advertisers pay a search engine only when the advertisement is clicked. This model is used to drive traffic to the websites and improve its popularity.

As a number of websites are emerging day by day in the online portals, it is natural to have a competition between them. To secure a good critic review along with ranking and promotions, a website owner goes for the marketing system for his portal. Where he has the paid promotion of his website in exchange for a marketing price paid to the search engines. It is followed by the search engine optimization system that improves the visibility and traffic in the portals. 

The term, Search Engine Marketing was popularized by an American Technologist Journalist, Danny Sullivan in 2001.

Working of Search Engine Marketing

The main aim of Search engines is to deliver the exact content a searcher wishes to see. SEM aids the searcher by providing several ads related to the searches. The viewer visits them and hence it works for everyone, increases the visible online traffic of the site. SEM depends over the several factors

  • Firstly, understanding its target audience. What they wish to see and the content in it. It also includes keywords for the related search that can direct the audience to them.
  • Setting goals for the Ad campaign. The goal should be specific enough to meet the requirements. 
  • Selection of proper keywords of the search
  • Arranging the keywords into a specific pattern that focuses on Ad campaigns and groups. 
  • Creating attractive advertisements and hence guiding the traffic to those websites. 

The synonyms used for SEM are Paid Search ads, Paid Search Advertising, Pay per click, pay per call, Cost per click, Cost per thousand impressions, etc.

Unpaid SEM: Organic Results

You can also earn your traffic for the websites through unpaid free search. That is you don’t have to pay for marketing or advertisement. Just upload your content and you’ll be paid for the frequency (no of times) of a user to visit your page. Only it needs is Search Engine Optimization. Just improve the visibility of your content and modify your website according to the ongoing search engine fashion so that a crawler can detect it easily. Some of the notable practices for improving your website traffic are

  • Uploading quality content to easily navigate the traffic onto your site.
  • Use easy and detectable keywords noted down for the search
  • Work on your server so that it could load easily and is also mobile-friendly. Your content should be easily readable from mobile phones also

SEM services in Bangalore

To improve your brand value over the internet, the techie hub city of the country offers you numerous SEM services to aid you while marketing. These are Vivanta technologies, Zinavo, Techasoftz, Trionixil Global, etc.